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You will receive your edited photos in 15 to 60 days! Between 24 and 48 hours after your big day, you will receive a small preview with some pictures of the most sparkling moments of your wedding.

I will give you your memories through a private online gallery where you can download all the pictures whenever you want. I will also give you a little box made with lots of love with some of the printed photos.


Your wedding memories with Lima in a high quality linen or suede album printed on silk photo paper. The layout will be personalized with the photographs you have chosen. You can choose between two albums that will collect the best moments of your wedding.

An album of 40 pages of 30×30 cm.

A second Premium album, style book with 150 pages of 40×30 cm in a very special box.


The wonderful culture of the world, the peculiarity of each city, the paradisiacal scenery, the coastal scenery, the infinite gastronomy and the level of quality makes weddings with lime in any corner, we move to capture those eternal moments.


In principle the idea is mainly for weddings where there are many guests or where the logistics of the day require it. On many occasions, there are couples who like to hire the second photographer, in my case a photographer, since it is my partner, and they like to share those moments and it generates a greater complicity, to be photographed and accompanied by another couple in love like them.

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