Lima de Miguel, lover of love stories that burn with sparkle.

Any “about me” that I can explain with words about Miguel falls short, he is able to evoke those emotions that make you feel what is being lived in every scene of a wedding.

With his cinematographic approach, his passion for great love stories and his working method allow Miguel to always capture the most authentic essence of the bride and groom, creating moments that reveal the true naturalness of each couple.

I love it because it is able to stop those fleeting moments to turn them into eternal memories. He is extremely attentive throughout the wedding, always focused on the bride and groom and making sure they feel radiant on their big day.

It fascinates me how he manages to connect with the guests and make them follow him in any of his craziness.

Extroverted, shameless, attentive, dedicated ...

This is Miguel’s Lima, and I am Anna, the lucky one to be able to tell you a little about him, since I think I am the person who knows him best, his partner for more than 15 years.

Miguel, as a genius of photography, knows very well how to highlight the authenticity, intimacy and emotions of each moment from the absolute complicity between two people.

The fussion kitchen

I am the fusion of freshness with warmth, vitality with calm, creativity with technique. Think of one of those spoon dishes that evoke home and add a touch of sparkle with lime. This is my passion for cooking: a perfect balance between the traditional and the innovative.

They say that I conquer through my stomach and through photography. I love to search and enjoy with Anna restaurants from different cultures and, above all, fusion cuisines to delight us with each of the flavors of the world.

Enjoying new gastronomic experiences together is our way of traveling with our palate and witnessing culinary diversity.

We were not only lucky enough to meet each other,

but to be able to create the life we have always dreamed of

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