Wedding at Mas de Sant Llei, Barcelona

“Stay with whoever looks at you like Borja looks at Ariadna and Ariadna looks at Borja.”

Each story is unique, but some have a special touch that makes them memorable. This is the story of Ariadna and Borja.
They wanted a photographer who would capture their looks of complicity and naturalness, something that would reflect their authentic essence. Ariadna, passionate about photography, was looking for something real and simple, far from poses.

The wedding took place at sunset, a magical moment that bathed the ceremony in a warm, golden light. It was a real gift to be able to photograph them at that moment, with the evening light.

What more can I tell you about them? The photo session was brief, they were clear that they wanted to enjoy the company of their friends and family to the fullest, without missing a single moment of joy and celebration.
I hope you also enjoy this wonderful couple and the photographs that tell their love story.



Miguel captures the most beautiful and special moments. His way of photographing is not to influence, he is simply a spectator and immortalizes the moments as they are. As a result, your photos are real and close. For us, the best thing about Miguel is that he manages to combine his professionalism with his closeness and empathy. Always attentive to us, seeking that we were well at all times.

Miguel is the photographer that every couple deserves on the most special day of their lives.

Thank you Miguel, for being one more on 09/29/23. You deserve the best.
Ariadna & Borja


Venue: Mas de Sant LLei, Barcelona / Dress: Jordi Anguera, Barcelona / Suit: Roberto Vicentti / MUAH: Dulce Wedding, Barcelona / Watch: Baume & Mercier
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